GSoC Midterm Status Report

It has been almost a month since I started working on my GSoC project. The midterm evaluation results were declared a couple of days back, and I was quite pleased to see that I have passed the evaluations. Here is a brief status report on what I have done so far.

The task involves making a KVTML editor for LibKEduVocDocument which will be available to all the applications using it. For that I have been moving the editor of Parley to the library. I had started off with moving the model classes, and after that moved on to the view/delegate classes and the various widgets, and simultaneously updating Parley to use the newly moved classes of the library. Currently I am moving the main Editor Window, and I expect to complete it soon enough.

After the editor is moved, the next phase will be to make it more configurable, like modifying the model structure depending on the type of application which used it – a simple linear structure for relatively simple applications (Kanagram, KHangMan, etc), and a tabular structure with more detailed information for the words for some complex applications (Parley).

The coding period by far has been a great learning experience for me. My mentors and also other developers from the KDE community have always been very helpful, and I look forward to a great summer ahead.


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