A brief introduction to my GSoC project

Well, the results of GSoC have been declared, and I am quite happy to see that my project has been accepted. I finally have something fruitful to do during this summer break, instead of whiling away my time like always. 😛 My project deals mainly with Parley , a language learning application under the KDE-Edu group, and also with LibKEduVocDocument, a library that is used by some of the edu apps, like Parley, KHangMan, Kanagram, etc. The idea behind the project is to add a new plugin to the library that will readily provide a kvtml-editor. A “.kvtml” file is nothing but a XML file that stores a list of words, and some added information about them (like translations in other languages, synonyms/antonyms, hints, etc). To use these files in an application we need to use the LibKEduVocDocument library. Till now all the applications that deal with kvtml files needed to have their own editors to modify the kvtml files. As a result we ended up with having multiple number of kvtml editors from various applications. Instead, it would be a lot simpler if there was one common editor available to them. So the aim of the project is to implement a kvtml-editor-plugin in the library itself, so that the applications using it can also access the editor easily. Currently, Parley has a very nice editor. The task involves completely moving the editor along with its UI into the library, and changing Parley’s code so that it implements the editor from the library itself, and it should be equally functional like before. After that it has to be tested with the other language applications too, make sure it works smoothly for them. This is quite an interesting project to work on, and its completion it will be very helpful for the other applications that are dependant on LibKEduVocDocument. Inge Wallin and Jeremy Whiting have agreed to mentor me for the project, and I am quite thankful to them and other developers from the KDE community for considering my proposal. I had started my journey with KDE under their guidance, and I am more than satisfied to get to work on the project under their guidance. It’s going to be a very exciting summer, and I am looking forward to it. If someone wishes to take a look at my proposal, it may be found here. Cheers!


5 thoughts on “A brief introduction to my GSoC project

    1. Probably, I am not sure about that. However there had been some recent discussions about a new library that will be something of an extended-kvtml. Inge has already created a scratch repo for it, and I am planning to work on it very soon. The idea is to store the various multimedia files in the zip container itself, instead of it containing only references to the multimedia files that will be stored somewhere else, not in the zip container.

  1. > Parley, a language learning application
    And it’s not only that, it can be used to study a lot, a lot of subjects that can use tests.

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